Is conquering your habit loop the key to beating diabetes?

Is conquering your habit loop the key to beating diabetes?

ross-findon-303091-unsplashDiabetes is a global epidemic. Experts have been warning for many years of the need for people to recognise the huge public health challenge we face both now and in the future from this debilitating disease. Indeed, it is widely acknowledged that the onset of Type 2 diabetes can be attributed to diet and exercise. In other words, the lifestyle choices we make often leads to the onset (or not) of diabetes.

 And this is where it gets tricky. Asking people to change their diet and to change their approach to exercise may seem like a simple request, and there are countless articles such as this from The Times of India which give great advice, I mean, why wouldn’t you adopt a lifestyle change that can prevent you from getting a serious condition that may result in various body parts getting amputated  - it’s easy, right? No. You see the challenge isn't necessarily getting people to eat differently and take more exercise. What we are really asking people to do is to change their daily habits that they have sometimes been nurturing for a lifetime. And that is much, much harder than it looks. Even faced with the possibility of becoming diabetic for life, people still find changing their habits incredibly tough.

 We all have our daily story, our daily routine, and both food and exercise (or not) form an intrinsic part of that daily narrative. We also believe we deserve to ‘reward” ourselves when things go well or things go not so well “I’ve had a bad day so I’m going to drink alcohol’, “I’ve had some great news, let’s eat cake and celebrate”.

 habbit loop-1What we eat, whether we exercise, and the associated habits formed are directly responsible for Type 2 diabetes, and so it seems reasonable that if we can change those habits then we will go a long way to conquering this life-limiting disease.

 So, taking action and changing your habit loops is the key to living a happier, more fulfilling, and longer life.

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