5 ways to take control of YOUR Christmas

christmas-decoration-DLMA3YEIt's the 20th of December, and I haven't put up my Christmas tree yet, I know, it's unbelievable. I mean what kind of mother am I not turning my house into a winter wonderland for my whole family?! If I were to pay attention to all the Instagram photos of other people's 'Family Christmas' I should be by rights be handcrafting table decorations and icing a gingerbread house to sit in the hallway.

If like me, you are wondering who has time to do all this you are not alone. Christmas can be one of the most pressured, stressful times of the year when all sorts of magazines, social media and t.v. Programmes are showing us how to create the perfect experience for you and your family. In the past, I have not been unaffected by the hype myself, I mean, who wouldn't want their carrots done the Jamie Oliver way? And to be honest, sticking in a whole pack of butter and a 1lb of sugar to poach them in does make them lovely, but where do you stop? 

Christmas is the time of year when boundaries disappear. Friends and family make their annual requests of our time, and expected compliance is self-evident. Family members shoved together once a year with a pile of food and drink doesn't always make it 'the most wonderful time' and old scars, stories and behaviours can raise their ugly heads.

But, for some reason, we feel compelled to keep OTHERS happy this time of year and sacrifice our own needs (and happiness). It is the season for giving after all: the question is, are you the one that always has to do all the giving? 

If you are already feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the thought of Christmas, it's time to stop, reflect and decide what YOU want. Not what you think people want, or what others want – what kind of Christmas do YOU want this year? If it's a quiet one, change your plans – what's the worst thing that could happen. If you want to visit a different family member, do it. Change your itinerary or invite them round too (regardless of 'how we always do Christmas'). If people don't like your decisions then that's okay, they can make different choices should they wish to. 

Taking control of Christmas ensures you enjoy it. 


Have a wionderful Festive season!